Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Me Made May 11 - 16

11. Mai

Still not sunny, in the morning long walk with the dog in Grüneburgpark, after this spent part of the day in the museum MAK in a very interesting exhibition about picknick worldwide. Worked with refugees in the afternoon. Partyrock and spring knitted jacked - like yesterday.

12. und 13. Mai

Huh, the sun comes out, already warm in the afternoon, selfmade Partyrock, selfmade leggings and selfmade shirt. Market, shopping, cleaned the flat, MMK for a photo exhibition, made some presentations while husband, daughter and dog were outside on Saturday. Planned the autumn holiday and booked flights to Iceland again. Yeah.

14. Mai

Mothers day, but what a day? Learned Maths with the daughter, in the end (after an email from the teacher) we realized that most of the paper was too difficult, only for specialists (but why does he give this to the pupils?). Tried to prepare the new i-phone for daughters birthday, s.th. doesn't work. so stopped the installation, tomorrow I'll try a call or go to the shop. Partyrock, selfmade leggings, and knitted jacked. Soley concert in the Mousonturm in the evening, that was really great.

15. Mai

Cold in the morning, but it becomes a sunny day. I put off the Aran pullover later on. Partyrock and T.-Shirt. Daughters 14th birthday. Sports, went twice to Gravis, once to the Apple Store with the result, that s.th. works, s.th. not. Moving from Android to ios didn't work at all. Pizza in the evening and installed iTunes etc. Not as easy as people say.

16. Maí

Japanese Tunic and normal Jeans, bought by Lands' End. Long walk in the forest, nearby too hot in the trousers. Wow, tomorrow I'll put on a summer dress.

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