Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Me Made May 19 - 23

19. Mai

Long Walk in the forest, Sports, Baked 2 cakes for the weekend. Sports, organized lots of things. Dressed in the japanese tunic.

20. Mai

Get up very, very early, totally 8 hours on the train to take my parents to Frankfurt. Photos taken in the 1,5 hour stay in Herford near the MARTA museum, which's architecture I like very much. In the evening a typical Äppelwoi restaurant in our area. Ninja and Aranpullover, sometimes cold, sometimes warm

21. Mai

Confirmation of our daughter, church, lunch, coffee and cake, sitting many hours in the church, in the restaurant etc, my back hurts a little bit in the afternoon. Megan dress.

22. Mai

River Main with my aunt and my cousin, who have been to Frankfurt for the first time, done some computer things, answered some emails. Lena Hoschek / Megan mixed dress from Waxprint.

23. Mai

A really warm and sunny day, much work, an outside walk in my break, meeting in the afternoon, prepared the backpack for my daughter in the evening (there was no time for nobody to pack earlier), who goes to Berlin tomorrow very early in the morning. In hate to get up so early and go by subway to an place there the coach is waiting for the kids. Megan dress like sunday.

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