Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

Me Made May 25 - 30

Fathers Day in Germany, but my husband is alone for a dog walk, my daughter is with friends in Berlin. I do a lot of housewife work which I've not made for a while. I hate these things but sometimes it is necessary. I have taken the hot summer clothes from the cellar, it'll become really hot over the next weekend. Dressed up in a horrible Taffy Blouse (horrible because it's uncomfortable and blouses are not my favourites anyway).

26. Mai

What a day: fabric shopping and cycling in Paris, very hot and a long day. Now I know how easy and quick it is to go to Paris for a day, less than 4 hours one ride. I enjoyed it, but was very tired in the end. Again my Megan dress, around the neck my Velib pass for riding the bikes, a little bit parisian style.

27. Mai

Outside more than 30 degrees, very hot, I stay inside. Did only a little bit shopping early in the morning. Usually I wanted to meet other sewing bloggers in Stuttgart, but I'm too lazy to go there. Need a chilling day. Upcycled mens shirt and a new skirt from La Mia Boutique.

28. Mai

Walk with the dog very early, but already too hot for me. Took a shower immediately after coming home and stayed inside in the darkness the rest of the day. Took the daughter from the bus late, she came back from Berlin where she stayed during the Evangelischer Kirchentag. Had some good days in our capital. Short summer dress.

29. Mai / 30. Mai

The same dress for very hot days like sunday. A little bit boring but the best for hot days. No new fotos. Sorry.

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