Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Me Made May 6 - 10

Mittwoch, den 10. Mai nehme ich am Me Made Mittwoch teil (ganz unten). On Wednesday I'll participate on german me made wednesday.

6. Mai

We don't need any light in the morning, great! A warm and sunny day, that's what I expect in May. A long walk in the Taunus Mountains to a place "where the foxes dance". I love this place all the year round, but especially on snowy winter days where mountain biker, hiker, people with ski, rodel and everybody from town meets there in the sun and drinks hot apple vine. Today not as full, I've got a salad and a chocolate outside on the terrace. Twist Knot dress.

7. Mai

Rain again. Ninja dress again. Stayed inside all day long, learning maths and spanish with my daughter. Made "Lippischen Pickert", italian Risotto and Swiss walnut cake. "La vita è bella" starring Roberto Benigni on DVD, recognized more than One place in Arezzo where we have been last month.

8. Maí

In my lunch break I did a walk near the EZB on the river Main. Still cold enough to wear the Stadtmantel. Nice that I met a friend occasionally. Nothing else to tell for today.

9. Mai

Dresses by the Burda dress again, but another material, .like wool with else. Home office and meeting in the afternoon outside. I have been to Zeppelinheim for the first time, but didn't see the famous Zeppelin Museum. It's not far away from Frankfurt, so I can go another day. Wheather becomes better tomorrow, great.

10. Mai

Sunny, but cold. But I think I can put off the leggings and the spring jacket later on. I love my Partyrock by Crafteln / Stokx.

 Heute habe ich nichts Neues zu präsentieren, eigentlich bemühe ich mich, am Me Made Mittwoch neu genähte Sachen zu zeigen. Aber da gibt es im Moment nichts, den Rock vom Stuttgart Sew Along habe ich zwar bereits in eher winterlichen Pullikombinationen getragen, aber er soll ja in Stuttgart zum ersten Mal gezeigt werden. Ich trage heute mein gestricktes Frühlingsjäckchen und den noch herbstlichen Partyrock. Ich hoffe, dass es mir so, wenn ich in einer halben Stunde raus muss, nicht zu kalt an den Füßen ist.

Viele Grüße, Anja

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